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About two years ago, my father gave JA a book and 'radio' toy. As well as some preset noises, you can record about five seconds of your voice, for playback later.

L12 grabbed it off her one day, and pressed the record button.

The result was a very funny squawk of 'Argh, I want it!' which we didn't record over for ages.

I've just had one of those moments: a Kingcycle... with fairing.

Whoosh. Seriously fast.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the thing's in Scotland and getting it delivered is not an option. I'm not sure it'd fit in the bike shed either.

But 'argh, I want it!!!'
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Mon 26th - yesterday was quite odd. I thought I was taking it really really easy, doing 14 or 15 mph on stretches I'd usually be doing 18-20 mph. OK, there was one 'race' near The Dogs Home Battersea, but apart from that, nothing.

Turns out the average was 14.24 mph.

Tues 27th - another 14.something mph day, despite two 'races':

  •   Peckham to Camberwell - he was good, but not good enough, despite some light-jumping that I thought was too dangerous to emulate

  •   Battersea Bridge (still very closed to cars etc) to Fulham Road - he stayed close for a while, but was always going backwards

The rest was very relaxed though.

Aldi have some clip-in cycling shoes and pedals from Thursday. I'm very tempted, even if they will take a bit of getting used to. My nervousness will be helped by being so near to the ground already :)

I may be tempted by the winter gloves and a couple of the other items too.
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Tues 13th - 15.22 mph

Weds 14th - 15.61 mph

Thurs 15th - I had booked the day off, but had it been nice, I'd have ridden in and back for group supervision. However, despite the BBC's 24 hour forecast saying 'sunny' changing to 'light cloud' later, it peed down all morning and early afternoon. So I didn't.

Fri 16th - 15.something mph. Almost my first 'windy' day riding this bike and it definitely does make a difference being sat down low.

Somewhat thrown by nearly being wiped by a bus. My fault, because I thought it was further away than it was when I pulled out and another cyclist had just gone past. If ghosts exist, anyone who causes my death before JA is an adult will get very seriously haunted, and I don't want to have to haunt myself. Fortunately, the driver was paying attention.

It did mean I avoided being hit by a motorcyclist later on, because I was being extra cautious and he did do the stupid thing I was wondering if he would.

On the way home, past midnight, someone thought it'd be hugely amusing to open a (passenger side) car door in front of me. They were in a queue at traffic lights, and didn't move off immediately they turned green, but stayed around to do this.

I'm still a bit amazed they saw me, as neither of us had overtaken the other and they had a van behind them blocking much of their rear vision. But they did and it was deliberate. I had enough time to shout 'fuck' before they all sped off laughing. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) at that time of day, they could get away.
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Mon 12th: 14.45 mph. Very relaxed ride in ordinary clothes (all my cycling shorts were drying after being washed). This turns out to be surprisingly ok on a recumbent as you're properly seated rather than on a saddle, hence trouser seams are not an issue.
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Weds 7th: Going home was fun, with two mini races, including one starting at the bottom of the long hill. I was leading all the way, which suggests either he was being lazy or was at his limit. I sort of suspect the latter, because when we separated at the top, he got out of the saddle and 'honked' up the slight rise there. I saw him again, behind me :) when we rejoined having gone different ways down the other side.

I slowed down at the top of the final rise for my journey, and let him pass, but it would have looked better if I'd spotted JA coming home from nursery with L first!

Thurs 8th: 15.51 mph.

Fri 9th: 15.31 mph. We'd forgotten to take a present for one of the other children leaving nursery, so I had to go back home to get it. When I returned, I was told JA had gone straight up to him to say she had a surprise for him and told him exactly what it was!

So with an extra mile, I was going easy, right up to Battersea Bridge, when someone on a mountain bike pulled up level and then passed me. I timed my arrival at the traffic lights though, and just left him... but gosh, he's not far behind.

An equal start at the next lights = I won that section, only to lose all of my cred by falling over - for the first time ever on this bike and the first time in years - at the next lights. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I think my 'down' foot was too close to the bike and I just over-balanced. One of the many benefits of recumbents is that you're already close to the ground, so only my pride was hurt.

He won the next section though.

Unfortunately, our routes separated, because - falling over apart - this was fun. You've got to be good to sustain 22 or 23 mph on an upright, and it would have been interesting to see just how long he could manage it.
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Didn't use the bike yesterday (someone's new nursery school's open day means I was trying to sit on some very low seats!)

Weds 7th: 15.15 mph. High cadence, pushing towards the end again.
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These - all others unless I say otherwise - are for the home to work journey, about 9.5 miles (the exact length depends on the route I take)

Weds 31st August: 16.30 mph - First day on the bike for 18 days, woo! Hot weather.

Thurs 1st Sept: 14.53 mph - Ah. I thought "if that were a date, it'd be more like the Hundred Years War than the Thirty Years War" and it turned out that 1453 saw the end of the HYW (and the fall of Constantinople). Very warm.

Fri 2nd: 15.xx mph - Felt achy just above the front of my knees through the weekend. Very warm.

Mon 5th: 15.01 mph - took it easy for the first 2/3rds of the journey, fast cadence throughough. Warm but misty start, warm finish.


Sep. 5th, 2005 11:56 am
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This is mostly for me to keep track of cycling related stuff.

If and when LJ give us a decent search facility, I may move it all to my main journal.


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